Owner operated since 1975, Home Construction Professionals is committed to doing superior work, without exception.

We've decided to remain a small family based company, as it's better to havea steady flow of jobs and do them exceptionally well than to have a clutter of jobs and have them be just average. This philosophy is a big reason builders and home owners come to us. Simply put, we're the beset at what we do.

The reputation our company has is built on exceptional work and an outstanding attitude. Before we get to the meat of a project, we get all our ducks in a row. That's what makes our work stand out. Take a look through our portfolio and see for yourself.


Our communication and quality of work has pulled us around the county. We have provided renovations in California, Texas, Florida, New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts. Home Construction Professionals are based out of Middleboro MASS. 

Your Home is our priority and our High Standards keep respect and safety at the front line.


Safety Equipment is a must. Being safe on the job is our highest priority, for both our team as well as any and all members of your household

Dust protection to keep the rest of your home clean of any dust and debries

Along with safety, we are always a happy team having fun with each and every job!